The dog days are near.

As we approach the end of the month known for its relentless heat and brightness, we also mark the middle of our harvest season. Tomatoes and cucumbers are climbing skyward, basil pops like green and purple fireworks, potatoes and garlic are peering plump out of the ground, and the bitter greens go on thumbing their noses at everyone. What marvelous work to spend your day in the garden. Continue Reading


Is it already the middle of July?

How did this happen? The bees, ever industrious and determined, have already completed a great deal of their harvesting. Plums, cherries, apricots, peaches and all their sweet and tart families have been gathering over and under us for weeks now. Tomato vines and corn stalks have already broken into the sunlight.  The days of tat soi leaves and impressively spicy arugula have passed, and we are reclined on a hot couch, in a hot room, in the heart of summer. All our many-legged, winged, rooted and tentacled friends know that tracking the sun is all that matters. I’ll be frank with you: This being only my third year on the farm, I’ve begun to feel like I was reborn in 2012. I’m learning the important things now, from scratch.

Of course, our farmers have been tracking everything and everyone on our varied plots, alongside our beloved work-traders, infusing and drawing life from the ground. This year’s abundant harvest is a testament to the work everyone has done so far—and being a community farm, we need you to help keep it going.

July Volunteer Opportunities

While we’re not hosting a work party this month, we have an ever-growing list of exciting ways to involve yourself in the Erda Life:

Tuesdays and Thursdays, volunteer opportunities abound, from fruit harvesting to drying and processing herbs. Learn how to sort usable garlic from seed garlic from eat it today garlic. Email Elli for details.

Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings, as you may be aware, are harvest times. Join us as a work-trader a couple times a month and take home a full share for each night you work!

Friday mornings at 10:00 Jimmy is leading a Biodynamics class. Learn more about the spiritual thread that runs through all living beings on the farm, in the skies, and beyond, and how we can harvest that energy for great-tasting, bountiful produce.

Friday evenings, join farm staff, volunteers, work-traders and friends for an always-special Farm Family Dinner. We provide some basic protein—rice, beans, lentils—and whatever’s fresh from the field, and encourage you to bring something to eat or drink (beer and wine okay). No one’s turned away for lack of food.

Saturday mornings Elli leads a Meditation & Wellness class, and Community Field Day after. If you normally pick up your share on Saturday mornings, consider staying a while and playing in the dirt. Kids and families welcome.

Each of these events can be found on the Erda Events Calendar.

Special Newsletter Bonus!

Our friend and neighbor Peter Gallo, of Kimchi Farms, has found a quick and easy recipe reference for perilla leaves, which were included with this week’s share. Curious, or hungry for more? Send Peter an email, and he’ll be happy to address your every perilla need.


Good afternoon, Erda Nation,

June finds on the tail of yet more mysterious weather, and as May has shivered and sweated, I’ve found comfort in great food, and great community. Huge, deep green lettuce heads are bursting many-wrinkled out of the soil. Cucumbers are beginning to wrap their fingertips around the fence-line that bisects our main plot at Blake. Daikon radishes, deep-water-digging, are now emerging into daylight, long, white and spicy, and ready to be chopped lovingly into salsa. New volunteers and Work-Traders are finding the field every week, and each brings new humor, questions, joy and recipes. As our world changes, we, too, can change it.

This month we have lots of opportunities on the farm, and a few from organizations you may or may not already know. Continue Reading


Spring has been kind to us this year.

These last few cold spells and wild winds notwithstanding, the magical processes of reuse and rebirth are alive on the farm. Onions are greenly sprouting into the sun, wild arugula flowers brush our hands as we work (and we chomp them, rich and bitter), and the bees are building their new factories as I write. New today in the ground are cucumbers, sunflowers and corn. Potatoes are spurting taller, and over a thousand young plants are preparing for new homes in the field.

A huge thank you to the farm crew and congratulations to all who made our first distro of 2014 happen. Without farmers and work-traders in the field, volunteers and coordinators running between, and everyone supporting our CSA… well, there wouldn’t be a CSA. So a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has has helped, and continues to help, make our community farm a community reality. Continue Reading


April is the season of rapid growth.

Seedlings burst forth in the greenhouse, blossoms alight with bees busily collecting pollen, and baby goats bounce around us like long-legged rabbits. Springtime is always a bustling time at the farm and we welcome the new growth. Along with an influx of new faces come old friends, returning for another season. Continue Reading