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Consult the Sage

Consult the Sage

Fill in the edges of your meal with this week’s bounty: sage, basil, garlic, kale, collards, chard, quelites, amaranth, arugula, golden and red potatoes, shallots, tomato mix, purslane and more.

Who We Are

Erda Gardens and Learning Center

is a network of people and places in Albuquerque's South Valley. We are ABQ's only only biodynamic farm, and oldest Community Supported Agriculture program.

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The Height of Heat

The Height of Heat

As we approach the end of the month known for its relentless heat and brightness, we also mark the middle of our harvest season.

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Preserve a South Valley Tradition!

We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ensure a sustainable future for agriculture in ABQ's South Valley, for generations to come—
and we need your help.

More of What We Do

ABQ's Only Biodynamic Farm

Biodynamics treats the farm as an organism, looking to indigenous European agricultural wisdom. No pesticides, zero waste, delicious food and more.

Land Stewardship

We believe in our responsibility to our Earth, and all life on it. As we garden, we restore vital systems and make organic use of those already there.


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About Us

We are gardeners, poets, dancers, performers, beekeepers, composting enthusiasts, builders, and everything between. We're excited to meet you.